Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minton's Playhouse and South Africa

[Editor's note 2009: Following some unfortunate issues with a now-former staff member of Minton's, much of this fell through. We are working to redevelop partnerships, and we hope that we will soon position Minton's as a friend of and collaborator in international jazz. We had some house cleaning to do first.]

[Editor's note 2011: Man, FUCK Minton's Playhouse]

I wanted to draw attention to this - Minton's Playhouse in Harlem (with whom I'm working on this project) announced this week a massive expansion in jazz programming and jazz education.

One of the major components is a partnership with Fort Hare University in South Africa, which will be led by Hotep Idris Galeta. This is a very exciting new project - I'm hoping that through it, we'll get South African musicians performing here more regularly, and also that we'll be able to increase the presence of South African jazz within the United States.

Here's the release

You can download the full press kit here.

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