Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sathima's Daughter

For those of you who do not know, Sathima's daughter is the New York-based hip hop artist Jean Grae. Who, might we add, is awesome and whose CDs should be in your collection (I'm told her major label debut is forthcoming in 2008, so keep an eye out...)

Anyways, she wrote a blog entry on her MySpace about Sathima that I wanted to re-print...

Here it is:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Mama, The AMAZING....

.....Sathima Bea Benjamin.

I'm taking this week to introduce to those of you who do not know, the beautiful spirit and song of Sathima Bea Benjamin.
Thankfully to the universe, it was decided that I was born to this amazing woman.

Beyond being the greatest, coolest, most understanding, FUNNY AS ALL HELL, learned, vulnerable, inspiring, sensitive, spiritual, potty mouthed, dependable, independent, brave, innocent, determined and 1 in the world MOM..... she is the most creative and musical inspiring spirit through the gentle vibrato of honest notes.

I hate hearing people play cd 101.9 and thinking that Najee is jazz.

Or having to grown up watching her being overlooked, under appreciated and mis-categorized.

Critically acclaimed and grammy nominated.

Understood and praised by jazz purists and scholars, those of us who believe in honest and beautiful music and weep at the moment a note pulls at our heartstrings.

This woman is a force and the reason I do what I do. Even when I want to stop. The only reason I exist and the music that I make exists.

I understand her struggle and her ambition because I have made it mine. Because she is such a warrior and fighter for things that are honest and true to her being and love and family.

A hopeless romantic and an inexplicable grace in being.

I am only a mirror of everything I have learned from her.

She has not quit nor given up, so if the small recognition that I have fought for like she taught me to can allow anyone else to glimpse and experience her fight for is
all worth it.

I am keeping up and adding pictures, photos and music all week.

She has always believed in me, unconditionally.. as a daughter and as an artist. Given me the utmost respect and love.

I would like to now return the favor.

Please, purchase a CD, spread the word, add her into your top. Google her, search for her, request her in your record stores. She is 1 in my top friends list, visit the page and purchase music directly from there as well.

My friends and I all have her current re-issue in heavy rotation.. Not because she's my mom, because she is Sathima.. and she is amazing.

My life has and does mimic hers in so many ways. As It's amazing to be getting some due after 15 years, she has been doing it for 40+ and has yet to receive a real and true acceptance from the jazz and music community as a living legend and the one and only true jazz singer from Cape Town, South Africa...In addition to owning her own label and releasing her music independently..
also, shes a hot hot hot lady.. lol.

Yes mama.. you cutie you.

Love ya'll..

Ride with us.

Support honest music.

To which I say.....amen. Everyone who knows Sathima knows this. A very wonderful person - working for her is a real pleasure.


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