Tuesday, September 11, 2007

RIP Johnny Fourie

My god, it's starting to feel like my blog only gets updated when people pass away.

However, given all the attention around the passing of Joe Zawinul, I wanted to commemorate the passing of another stunning jazz musician.

This was Johnny Fourie, the guitarist. From South Africa, spent a great deal of time performing in England, and also in the US, before returning to South Africa. He passed away about two weeks ago (I should have blogged this earlier, I know)

He did a lot of fusion work, and you can hear it on Charles Earland's "Intensity" album (a great listen), and also Wessel van Rensburg's "So Fine" (also wonderful, if quite smooth).

As a leader, I've heard two albums of his. One is a solo guitar album that came out about a year ago. I can't find a buy link for it (I did a quick search), but it is worth tracking down with a bit of effort.

The easier album to find is "Solo, Duet & Trio". In fact, here's the link! http://www.oneworld.co.za/ProductSpecific.asp?uref=&ProductCode=SLCD026&OrderID=&AffiliateID=

It's a stunning piece of work - brilliantly reimagined standards, and as an added bonus, features the ever amazing Carlo Mombelli on bass.


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