Friday, April 18, 2008


I'll be updating my blog more regularly now (long story), which makes me so darn happy.

Brief update - Sathima did a performance this past January at Sweet Rhythm, and her daughter Tsidi (a.k.a. Jean Grae) joined her onstage to rap on Sathima's tune "Africa." Someone caught this bit on camera (not the whole song, sadly), and it's worth having a look. Here it is:

I move that Buster Williams becomes the bassist for every hip hop album created here on out.

Might be some exciting news with an uptown jazz club, and a South African university. Not saying anything more until we have confirmation!

Closing out, I know I talk of this guy a lot, but he's just so fantastic. I'm speaking of Louis Mhlanga, the guitarist. On his marvellous album Tinganekwane, he opens with a bouncy, Mali-esque track called "Mari Hakuna." And, bonus, there is a music video! Have a look/listen!

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