Friday, August 31, 2007

Rest In Peace, Jerry Masoleng

I found out today that my friend, the artist Jerry Masoleng, was murdered last Saturday night. This was a man who worked for the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre in Sophiatown, who taught kids literacy and art, whose artistic abilities were absolutely incredible. And he was killed by a bunch of thugs. I am so goddamn sick of having friends and relatives injured, or killed by the out-of-control Johannesburg crime. It's sickening.

Please take a look at the centre's website. It's a remarkable institution with a fantastic mission. It was lucky to have someone like Jerry working for it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bala Brothers - B3

I am about to feel horribly ashamed here...bits of self-loathing.

Not too long ago, I ordered a CD by the Bala Brothers entitled "B3" - not totally sure what to expect.

The album is a trio of brothers (as the group name helpfully clarifies), performing what I can only describe as unabashed crossover. Josh Grobin, music from the Lion King, Andrew [Fuckwad] Lloyd Weber, Norah Jones, et al.

With an orchestra, mind you.

Needless to say, popping it in, I had low expectations. This is not musical territory I'm terribly keen to enter...well, ever.

However, I find it oddly addicting. I am not prepared to say I like this CD, or that I think it's good music. I will say, however, that "You Raise Me Up" does manage to tug at my heart-strings when they go into full harmony. I will also concede they do an admirable job covering Norah Jones and, to a certain extent, Queen.

Perhaps my refusal to say I like this album is a subconscious attempt to hold onto what little remains of my masculinity. Regardless, I'm not going to admit it, damn it. I am not a pop-classical crossover fan (classipop? plossical? possi?). Just no.

It looks like One World provides a few listening links, if you're curious...see the above link.

I was in South Africa recently, and heard some fantastic albums, which I'll eventually get around to blogging.